Using the "Buy With" upsell features (ShowTime 7.x video tutorial)

ShowTime 7.x supports a convenient feature on product pages that allows you to upsell additional related products (or product variants) to your customers.  For example, let's say you were selling printers at your store.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily upsell related items like paper, ink, or toner to your customer without them having to click through to separate product pages?  With the theme's "Buy With" feature, you can do this without having to resort to expensive custom coding or third-party apps! 

ShowTime Versions 7.11 and later

To create upsell products in version 7.11 and beyond, you will use Shopify's free Search & Discovery app to assign products.  Instructions for how to choose products can be found in this help article.  We suggest adding a maximum of three complementary products for this functionality to work as intended.

To enable the block on your product pages, make sure that you've added a "Buy with" block to your product information settings as shown below.  Once added, click on it and you'll find a few options to edit.  From there, it will show automatically assuming you have assigned some complementary products in the app.

The "Buy with" product block

ShowTime Versions 7.0 - 7.10

If you are using one of these versions of ShowTime, please follow this tutorial video we created to setup your upsell products:

Important video addendum: In the video above, we mentioned that you can create as many upsell products as you want.  Unfortunately, this was a mistake.  The maximum upsell products (or variants) you can add is two per product.  We apologize for any confusion caused.

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