How do I transfer my theme license from one store to another?

It is important to note that each Shopify store you have requires a valid theme license per Shopify's Terms of Service.  If you have closed (or will be closing) the store that your current theme license is tied to, you must transfer the theme license to the new store.  The process required to do this varies depending on how you purchased your theme originally.

If you purchased from the Shopify Theme Store

If your theme was purchased from Shopify directly, you need to contact their support team to have the theme license transferred to the new store.  This typically involves permanently shutting down your current store first, and then transferring the license to your new store.  They will help you facilitate the whole process.  Note that we verify proper licensing of themes while providing support, so you must have your theme license properly activated on your store before we can provide support or you can download the latest version of your theme.

If you purchased from our store directly

If you have purchased your theme from our store, you will need to contact us to transfer the license in our records.  The same procedure must be followed to complete the transfer (including shutting down your prior site permanently), though you need not involve Shopify support in this process.  We keep an active record of theme licenses purchased and the stores where they are used, so please notify us promptly of any changes.  This will be required in order to receive support or download the latest versions of our themes.

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