Are your themes optimized for SEO?

Yes, all of our themes meet or exceed Shopify's rigorous standards for SEO. This is a requirement for being published in the Shopify Theme Store.

My SEO tools are showing warnings or other problems on my store. What can I do?

While we make every effort to keep our themes up to date with the latest SEO trends, microdata and requirements, Google and other search engines are changing at breakneck speeds, so it's easy for older theme versions to become outdated. There are also many factors that can cause errors and warnings like these that are outside the theme's control. These would include app use, custom coding, not following best practices, etc.

We can't be held responsible for errors or warnings that your SEO tools report. If you have concerns about your site's SEO, we would suggest hiring a Shopify Expert that specializes in SEO for Shopify sites.

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