Creating advanced custom product or page templates using metafields (video tutorial)

Compatible theme versions:

  • ShowTime (version 7.0 and later)
  • Galleria (version 3.0 and later)
  • Pursuit (all versions)

The best feature of Online Store 2.0 in Shopify is the ability to use sections on any page, product, or collection on your store.  It's easy to create custom templates for your products and pages so you can have different sections on different pages, but for stores with large product catalogs or many landing pages, it can be tedious to create a custom template for each one.  In some cases, maybe you are fine with all your pages or products sharing the same design/layout, but you'd just like to have different text or images in certain areas.  That's where the ability to create dynamic sources (metafields) can come in handy.  How do you set these up?  The following video will show you.

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