Exploring the advanced features of the Pursuit theme

Pursuit has some advanced features included that you won't find in other themes.  We've put together a time-stamped video that explains what these features do and how to enable them.  The whole video is embedded below if you'd like to learn about all these features, but you'll also find links to direct timestamps in the video if you're only interested in certain features.


  • Linked product options - automatically hides unavailable combinations of variants as you select options on the product pages
  • "Pick an Option feature - requires customers to select a variant before adding a product to the cart instead of having the first available variant by default
  • Pre-order feature - replaces add to cart button with a pre-order button
  • Catalog mode - gives you various options to disable cart buttons, prices, and purchasing options so you can use your site as a product catalog instead of a storefront
  • Show a subset of product photos - allows you to only show certain product images as variants are selected.  This is useful to show only images of just one color option for clothing or other items
  • "Free products" feature - allows you to add custom messaging and hide the cart buttons for products with $0 pricing
  • Custom badges on collection grid - allows you to add fully custom badges on products in the collection grid (such as New, Just Restocked, or anything you want)
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