Fixing error: "File name must be the ID of an image setting" (Vintage themes)

Users of very old versions of our ShowTime and Galleria themes might have started seeing an error in the theme customizer when you attempt to change slideshow images or other images within the theme settings. The error message is "File name must be the ID of an image setting." This error is a result of an apparently recent change Shopify made to image settings on the backend. If you are encountering this issue, please read below for how to fix it.

In your Shopify admin, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes
Click the  Actions button and then  Duplicate to create a backup of your theme (this is an optional, precautionary step that we always suggest when editing code on your theme)
Then, on your original theme, click the Actions button, then Edit Code from the drop-down menu
Open the "Config" folder and open the file called settings_schema.json

From here, this forum post describes how to address the issue clearly, with screenshots.

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