Do you provide refunds on theme purchases or services?

For theme purchases, we are bound to Shopify’s refund policies, which are discussed in Shopify's Terms of Service.  Shopify does not allow refunds on theme purchases.

Since all of our themes are exclusively sold on the Shopify Theme Store and we are third-party developers, we have no control over Shopify's billing system, nor any say about providing theme refunds. If a Shopify support representative sends you to us to request a refund, we will politely inform the rep that all billing requests must be handled through Shopify.

Themes are digital goods and you are granted immediate access to all the theme’s files and code after purchase.  Once the theme has been installed on your store or the zip file is transmitted to you from our site, there is no way for us to revoke access to it.  Therefore, there is no way you can be prevented from continuing to use or distribute the theme after a refund is processed.

Test all theme options by downloading a theme trial

We strongly advise you to download a trial version of our themes from the Shopify Theme Store prior to purchasing.  Doing so allows you to try out all the theme settings and options to make sure it’s a good fit for your business.  There are no time limitations to the trial versions, and all options are available.  The only thing you can’t do is edit the code or publish the trial as your live theme. 

To download a trial, visit the Shopify theme store and navigate to the theme you're interested in.  Once there, click the "Try theme" button and follow the prompts.  We have provided direct links to our themes below for your convenience.

What about services?

We are also unable to process refunds on services purchased from our store directly.  If you pay for a customization, theme setup, or any other service and decide you no longer want or need it, we can apply those funds to future development tasks on a non-expiring basis.

Our Commitment to You

If you are requesting a refund due to dissatisfaction with our themes or services, we are committed to making it right in any way we possibly can.  If you feel like your issue has not received proper attention from our support staff, please ask them to escalate the issue to Tim (the founder of Mile High Themes) and he will promptly address it.

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