If I hire you for a theme customization, will you help me move it to another theme or version later?

We offer theme customization services to customers using both our themes or any third-party theme from the Shopify Theme Store.  When we provide a quote and complete the work for you, it is based on completing that work one-time only.  Therefore, we cannot move your customizations from one theme (or theme version) to another free of charge.

On request, customers are free to ask for code change logs to be included with your customization jobs.  If requested, we will provide a list of files and relevant line numbers we changed to complete your tasks.  You can use these for reference should you wish to copy those changes to a later theme version.  Note that we can't guarantee that simply copying and pasting the code from one theme version to another will work properly.  As new theme versions are released, new code is often introduced that can affect customizations we have completed for you, which can increase the amount of time it takes to make them functional again.  If you'd like us to copy the changes for you, we can provide another quote to do so.  Typically, this quote will be substantially less compared to your original.

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